Betsu ni
me: *walks up to a group of middle schoolers skateboarding*
me: lemme show you a trick or two
middle schoolers: *hand me a board*
me: this one's called stealing
me: *runs away with it*

boys like it when youre playfully mean to them. call them names. punch them on the shoulder. murder their families 

Off to check out Cowboy Bebop.


By 「灰音@twitter」


Imagine your icon in the middle of the night waking you up because there’s a spider in their room.

Anyone want to hear me speak German?

What is your favorite way to eat eggs



There’s a girl at my work with a daddy crush on our old manager, and it gives me the creeps.

I sound really slow asking this, but what is ahegao? Is that like anime girl sex face, eyes squinted, string of spit between her top lip and her tongue, all that?